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What’s New

10/05/2017 RiscStation to show Portable technology at Wakefield 2017

10/05/2017 Updated Portable page inc. Estimated availability link.

10/05/2017 Updated New Portable FAQ. Just follow the link.

28/12/2018 New Portable FAQ. Just follow the link.

28/12/2018 Added Images to this page.

27/12/2018 Portable page now updated. All previous enquirers should have now received their deposit forms.

Copies of the new Portable flyer can be obtained here; 300DPI (560KB) and 96DPI (103KB)

Images of the Order forms are also available; 300DPI (560KB) and 96DPI (103KB)

18/03/2018 50ns memory now standard on R7500 Plus. Just follow the link.

18/03/2018 New CD-ROM FAQ. Just follow the link.

01/03/2018 New CD-Rom with New boot structure. All copies have now been sent out to registered users.

This site is under constant update as we try to keep you informed of all the latest details.