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RiscStation Osaris Palmtop

RiscStation Osaris Palmtop

RiscStation Osaris Palmtop
Risc Station

32 bit User Friendly EPOC Operating System

8Mb Expandable User Memory

44 Character x Unlimited Line Indiglo Backlit Touchscreen

Concealed Blunt Stylus Pen

Word Processor



Scheduler and Calendar

19,000 Entry Phone Book

Web Browsing Software Fax and Email send and receive

Spellchecker and Thesaurus

IrDa Infra Red Connectivity

Serial Port Connectivity via included cable

Transfer files to RISC OS and Windows Platforms with the included software.

Full Specifications

Only £169.00 inc VAT (£143.83 ex VAT)

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RiscStation much anticipated portable has slipped on our initial timetable due to delays caused by the case supplier.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience for the delays in the development and delivery of the RiscStation portable.

They have only recently finalised the design of their x86 based system and confirmed final production dates.

Until the case specification was finalised, we were unable to complete the board design. Now that the case specification has been ‘frozen’ we can complete the custom motherboard.

However, while waiting for the final case specification, significant developments has been achieved. These include:

Digital VIDC output to drive the LCD panel directly.
New 10/100Mb ethernet controller and driver software
USB interface and driver software
PCMCIA interface and driver software
Power supply and battery management

As part of the development programme, many of these items are being released as upgrades to existing machines.

We are now completing the motherboard design, but unfortunately we will not have boards ready in time for the Wakefield show. We should have a demonstratable unit shortly after the show. Production units should then be available 6-8 weeks from then.

We will however be demonstrating the portable technology alongside our current product range.


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RiscStation are currently developing a new RISC OS notebook computer to fill a long-standing gap in the market.

Place your deposit now to secure your limited edition RISCOS Supporters Edition Product.

Technical Specifications
Free Software

From £999.00 + VAT
Magnesium Alloy Casing.
Weighs Only 1.3Kg !
As small as 242 x 190 x 30mm!

8.4″ TFT 800×600 Colour Screen.
64Mb RAM Onboard.
10Gb IDE HD. (min)
GlidePoint Touchpad.

PCMCIA Onboard !
USB Onboard !
10ObaseT Ethernet Onboard !

VGA Output with DDC support.
Audio Input (Microphone Etc.).
Audio Output (Headphones Etc.).
Onboard Stereo Speakers.

20W 3 cell LiFe battery
Compact Flash Onboard containing RISCOS4 and Utilities.

Optional Extras Include :
Docking Station with CD, Floppy, Serial, Parallel, VGA and PS2 Ports.
Car Power Adapter
High Capacity 40W Battery

Specifications maybe subject to change.


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